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One time setup fee: In order to print on demand, we must first set up your title in our system. We charge a one time setup fee of $200 for black and white Interior and $250 for Color interior. For this, we will take your book's interior in PDF format, process and store it electronically, and set up your cover artwork so that it will print correctly and fit properly with the interior. Using your ISBN, we will create and insert a barcode onto the back of the book. We will then print and ship you a hard copy proof book via UPS 2-day. Turnaround time is 7-10 business days.

Setup Options:

CD in a book setup: For an additional $100, we can accept a CD from you to include in the printed book. This can be either an audio CD or a data CD containing pictures, text, movies, audio, web pages, etc. You must own the rights to any material on the CD.

Audio narration: For us to record a full CD of narration, you would provide us with up to 10,000 words of text, and the setup cost would be an additional $599. This would include the narrator, the recording, the audio editing, quality control, and mastering. It would also include music and spoken credits at the beginning and end of the program.

Cover design: Using your input, or taking a photo or image of yours, we can custom design a beautiful book cover starting at $150.

Contact us for pricing: There are three elements to the cost of printing your book: The"interior" (B&W and or Color) cost, the "finishing" (type of binding, Paper Back or Hard Cover) cost and the "CD in a book" cost. 

  One time set-up fee includes 2 finished proofs.  Any corrections will be billed at $50 per hour. Files must be print-ready, on disk in PDF format (for interiors) or in quark, illustrator, pdf TIFF, or high res jpeg for the covers. Laser printed hard copy (for the interior) printed single sided on 8.5x11 paper is also acceptable for us to print from.  We can add your ISBN, Barcode, and Price to the cover. For books that will include a CD, executable files on the CD are not permitted. You must also own the copyright to all content on the CD.

Book shipping: actual UPS plus $10 Handling.

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