"Print On Demand" is the Smart way to launch a book!

We now offer print on demand for hardbound and paperback books with either black and white or color interior.

We cater to book publishers, large and small. From the top New York publishers to self publishing authors, we can handle jobs of any size. Print on Demand is a tool that leverages powerful digital book printing technology to reduce the cost of launching a book.

Print on Demand allows you to print only as many books as you need. The savvy publisher will then put that savings into book marketing. These two strategies combined can give you the advantage you need to push your titles to the forefront of the marketplace.

Why spend a fortune using offset to print thousands of books before they are ever sold? You can save A LOT OF MONEY with  smaller print runs and ordering books as demand increases.

Ideal for short run printing and republishing out-of-print books!

Once your book is set up in our system, it will be printed, quite literally, on demand. No more overruns or wasted books. Our cost/quality ratio makes short runs feasible and profitable. Visit our pricing page to see how economical our method may be for you.



CD in a BOOK

We are now able to include a CD in your book. The CD can be any type of CD containing any type of data: Audio; Data; images, etc.

We can even  professionally record narrated audio, complete with music.




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